LEGO Ninjago – Shadow of Ronin

Set your calendars, everyone! It’s soon to be International Ninja Day! Oh wait, that’s already passed. That was December 5th… But there is a ninja related announcement that you might want to remember!

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In Spring 2015, LEGO and TT Games will be releasing a new Ninjago themed videogame. It is called “LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin“. This game will join the list of Ninjago themed mobile games. First, if you’ll remember, was LEGO Battles: Ninjago (also known as LEGO Ninjago: The Videogame), which was a re-branding of the Nintendo DS game LEGO Battles. The second was released earlier this year. It was called LEGO Ninjago: Nindroids. It accompanied the 3rd season of the popular Cartoon Network animated show Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu (the third season was named “Ninjago: Rebooted”).

Unlike Nindroids, Shadow of Ronin will not follow the storyline of the Ninjago TV show. A quote from TT Games explains this:

There is a new threat in Ninjago, and his name is Ronin. With help from his army of dark samurai, Ronin steals the Ninjas’ memories using an ancient weapon called the Obsidian Glaive. The Ninjas forget how to use their elemental powers, and it is up to the players to help them find their Obsidian weapons, regain their memories and reclaim their powers before Ronin completes his plan and releases an even greater evil on Ninjago.

LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin will be available for the Nintendo 3DS and Playstation Vita in Spring 2015.

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The Return of BIONICLE

Hey there! Sorry that this news is extremely late, and that the blog hasn’t been running well lately, you know, people get busy, and forget about things. :(

The Original Bionicle Toa

The Original Bionicle Toa

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you about the return of LEGO BIONICLE. BIONICLE was a LEGO theme that began in 2001 and lasted until 2010, when it was supposedly replaced by LEGO Hero Factory. BIONICLE was a line of large buildable figures compatible with LEGO Technic and the LEGO System. It revolved around this giant story that I don’t have time to explain. :P


The Mask of Creation from the new Bionicle

Well, after 4 years of BIONICLE being gone, LEGO has announced it’s return. It will not be the same BIONICLE, unfortunately, because the new BIONICLE will revolve around a much less complicated storyline.

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LEGO Minifigures Online Open Beta Released!

Yesterday, LEGO Minifigures Online closed beta testers (like myself) received emails saying that the Closed Beta was complete and that the Open-beta would be coming soon. I am happy to announce that Today, June 17, 2014, LEGO Minifigures Online Open Beta is out and you can now play the game. (Isn’t it strange how it came out the same day that The LEGO Movie was released on DVD and Blu-ray?). LEGO Minifigures Online is Free-to-play (sorta. Read below for more info). If you want to play, just go to and log in with your LEGO ID.

Now, about the “Free-to-play” part. The game is Free-to-play, but if you don’t pay, you don’t get a lot of features. For example, you don’t get to play the game on a tablet. Only on the PC. There are many micro-transactions, which means that this free game has a lot of hidden fees. This game is completely unlike LEGO Universe (in more than one way, but you really cannot compare the games), which had a pay-for game and a free-to-play version and absolutely no micro-transactions.

Become a member benifits

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Female Minifigure set Will Be Next LEGO Ideas Set

Today, LEGO Ideas announced that the Female Minifigure set by Ellen Kooijman will be the next LEGO Ideas official set.  The set will be renamed to “Research Institute” and is planned to be released in August 2014. No other LEGO Ideas projects from Winter 2014 review will be produced.Female minifigures set image

LEGO Ideas #008: Research Institute

We’re very excited to release Ellen Kooijman’s Female Minifigure set, featuring 3 scientists, now entitled “Research Institute” as our next LEGO Ideas set. This awesome model is an inspiring set that offers a lot for kids as well as adults. The final design, pricing and availability are still being worked out, but it’s on track to be released August 2014, so keep an eye out!

Read the entire blog post here:

You can check out the announcement video here:

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[U] LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Official Announcement Video


Even more details about LEGO Batman 3 from an interview with  game director Arthur Parsons. Some of the highlights:

In this third game, the developers have decided to throw open the toy box and allow players more freedom to explore and experiment than in the previous two games, released in 2008 and 2012. This time players can take on the roles of 150 DC characters including good guys (the Justice League) and bad guys (the Legion of Doom). A selection wheel allows the player to choose from a variety of suits, widening the potential for problem-solving and allowing people to play the game their way, instead of searching around for suit signals in the game-world.

Lego Batman 1 was all about Batman and Robin,” explained game director Arthur Parsons at a recent preview event. “You had villain missions, but it was all about Batman and Robin. Lego Batman 2 was all about effectively bringing the Justice League into the story. Now, Lego Batman 3 is having the Justice League from the start, bringing the Legion of Doom in, and then going into a whole branch of the DC universe we’ve not been to before, with the Lantern worlds.

The game throws lots of different gameplay types into the mix. “There’s a lot more variety than we’ve previously had with the Lego Batman games,” he added. “We are doing space combat, races, virtual reality missions, platforming, RPG elements. Characters are always going to be changing and upgrading.”


Today, Warner Brothers announced the Fall 2014 release of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, a continuation of the LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes video game released back in June 2012.

Catch the announcement video!

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LEGO Ninjago Movie – Release Date Announced

In June 2013, soon after the first trailer for The LEGO Movie was released, Warner Brothers announced a LEGO Ninjago movie, to be written by Dan and Kevin Hageman (the writers of the LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and LEGO Ninjago: REBOOTED cartoons), along side Dan Lin and Roy Lee, the producers of the The LEGO Movie. At the time, the only details announced was that the movie would “feature a new take that diverges from the TV series”.

Ninjas on Emmet

Two days ago, the release date for this LEGO Ninjago movie was set for September 23, 2016. For those who are wondering, the sequel to The LEGO Movie is set to be released on May 26, 2017. Further more, with the digital release of The LEGO Movie, the first teaser trailer for the LEGO Ninjago movie, entitled The Super-Crunchy Ninja Skateboard Party Movie with Pratfalls Slash Physical Comedy And Cute Furry Animals For The International Audience was released.

Official LEGO Universe News! Forum Topic:

LEGO Cuusoo becomes LEGO Ideas

On May 1st 2014, LEGO Cuusoo changed it’s name (and web address) to LEGO Ideas. The former LEGO Cuusoo beta was a website where LEGO fans could build creations, submit them to the community, and with 10,000 votes, submit it to LEGO to become a real set (after a review, of course). LEGO Ideas is just the same, with a few changes (which, in my opinion, should have bee there since the beginning!):

LEGO Ideas Site

  • Users over 13 years old can now submit projects. Formerly, only people 18 years and older could create projects. Now, anyone 13 and older can create projects. If they get 10,000 votes, minors have to get a written release from their parent or guardian to get it review by LEGO.
  • A 1 year limit has been set on projects. That means that if you created a project on May 1st 2014, if it doesn’t get 10,000 votes by May 1st, 2015, it will be removed and you will wave to start over again. This is the theory behind that change: If it’s not cool enough to get 10,000 votes in a year, who’s going to buy it if it becomes a LEGO set?
  • You can now login with your LEGO ID (instead of creating a new account). This unifies the entire site because since it doesn’t rely on the website anymore, you will not need a separate account. LEGO Ideas has an account transfer so if you already have a LEGO Cuusoo account, you can merge it into your existing LEGO ID, or create a new LEGO ID for it.
  • New “Updates” button on projects. This makes it easier for people to know what you’re doing or how you built it. It allows you to create “blog posts” about your project.

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