Blast Off to the World of Ninjago! (LU Update)

Greetings, fellow explorers!

Today’s the big day – LEGO Universe 1.10 has now been released to the masses, and it includes a boatload of ALL NEW content!

Among the new content made available today is the brand new Ninjago world, and in case you can’t check it out in person, the LEGO Universe Community Team has revealed a full list of the different areas you can visit. Check out the list below, courtesy of the official LEGO Universe News Network and Figmentia!


Ninjago Battlefield: The Skeletons are attacking the Monastery – and only you can smash them with Spinjitzu! Build Archery Targets to launch volleys of Imagination-tipped arrows, surprise the Skeletons with a fire-breathing Dragon-in-the-Box, or fling yourself to safety by rebuilding a massive Skeleton Catapult!

The Monastery Courtyard: Inside the Monastery’s fortified walls, things are a little more peaceful. You’ll find some familiar friends – Sensei Wu and Nya – as well as some brand-new Ninjago characters and vendors.

The Four Gardens of Spinjitzu: Explore peaceful, mysterious gardens of Earth, Lightning, Ice and Fire. Each one contains a different puzzle – can you master them to claim the protective Dragon Relics for Sensei Wu?

The Four Dojos of Spinjitzu: Cole, Jay, Zane and Kai await you in four Dojos, each one devoted to a different element of Spinjitzu. And each Dojo contains its own set of traps, platforming challenges and multiplayer puzzles in the Attics up above!

The Ninjago Caverns: There’s a rumble in the mysterious Caverns below the Monastery! It’s Skeletons vs Ninjas, and the prize is definitely worth fighting for: the Weapons of Spinjitzu! Battle Bone Wolves and Skeleton Mad Scientists to discover the Shrines of Spinjitzu, and then face the fearsome fury of Chopov, Krazi and Bonezai!

Frakjaw Battle!: The action is really heating up inside the Fire Shrine! Frakjaw is trying to claim the Sword of Fire, and he’s brought a lot of bony back-up with him! Luckily, you can bring up to 3 friends to face him down in this epic boss battle instance!

In addition, some new Ninjago-specific points-of-interest and features were also revealed!

The Four Forms of Spinjitzu: Claim the Weapons of Spinjitzu to transform yourself into a whirling tornado of Earth, Lightning, Ice or Fire! Each type of Spinjitzu has different combat effects against the Skeletons, but they all do one thing really well: grind those boneheads into dust!

Secrets of the Spinijtzu Lanterns: You won’t only use Spinjitzu to battle Skeletons – you can also use it to zip across Ninjago in weird and wonderful ways – and only in LEGO Universe! Each type of Lantern holds its own secrets: you’ll blast into the air, shatter boulders of ice, and even burrow down into the ground!

Familiar Faces – and New Ones Too!: Learn Spinjitzu from Sensei Wu, Cole, Jay, Zane and Kai, buy weapons and armor from Nya, and meet a larger cast of Ninjago characters – all exclusive to LEGO Universe!

Skeletons on the Loose!: This new Ninjago experience unleashes 8 new Skeleton enemies in the Universe, including the ferocious Bone Wolf! And just when you’ve figured out how to deal with them all, you’ll have to face off against Bonezai, Chopov, Krazi and Frakjaw!

100+ Missions, plus Achievements and Dailies: That’s right, you’ll play through 100 missions in this amazing Ninjago adventure, and then there are still plenty of Achievements and Dailies to tackle afterwards. That’s a lot of U-Score!

Level 45!: And speaking of U-Score, we’ve raised the level cap in LEGO Universe to 45! Max out your Minifigure to respawn with 8 Hearts and 20 Imagination!

Tons of Ninjago Loot!: Ninjago features 100+ new pieces of gear, weapons, armor and supplies, including cool new items like the Turtle Pack, Scorpion Whip and Sushi Delivery System, plus the ultra-rare Ninjago DX outfits! And can you help Nya and Vanda Darkflame learn the secrets of the Skeletons’ Maelstrom-forged weapons? Solve the mystery and you just might be able to purify them into awesome Elite weapons!

Even More to Collect!: Find all of the pieces of the new Ninjago Monastery and Skeleton Outpost Model Sets, tame an Earth Dragon Pet, cook up some yummy Elemental goodies with Johnny Umami, and more!

(End Quoted Material)

Some fellow fans (and friends!) of LEGO Universe, such as The Secrets of LEGO Universe and The LEGO Universe Wiki have released two videos regarding the new content. Check it out below!

An Interview with Jordan Itkowitz (Gameplay Designer)
LEGO Universe: Masters of Spinjitsu! (Part One)


In addition, I have even MORE excellent news!

Along with the other new contents of today’s Patch came a fix for the Mac OS X version of LEGO Universe – and for the first time in months the Patch actually fixed the Mac OS X Lion issues! I am not entirely certain as to whether or not this is a complete fix (believe me, some fixes in the past have gotten my hopes up) but at least I can play the game, run around, chat, and smash stuff. (Sounds silly but I have not been able to do that since the problem first arose.) If you’re using a Mac, has the fix fixed your problems? If not, what kind of Mac do you use? Do you know what graphics/video card it contains? (The cards have arisen as a possible reason for the past problems.)

See you in the Universe!



6 thoughts on “Blast Off to the World of Ninjago! (LU Update)

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    • Be prepared to be patient, the Patcher is having an issue with checking the files here and there. It takes a little more time to Patch, so if you can you may want to start the process early. 🙂
      (Though by the time you get on, the issue may be fixed.)

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