[Ux3] Creation Lab Retiring (And How to Save Your Creations!)

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Thursday, on the LEGO Message Boards, the moderator WhiteAlligator broke the tragic news to us that the LEGO Universe Creation Lab is officially retiring. After almost 3 years since LEGO Universe opened, the long lived and loved creation lab will officially close too, on October 25, 2013. One day before the 3 year birthday of LEGO Universe. We are told that the creation lab is going to be set to read-only mode for a little while, but we do not know how long before it officially closes. When LEGO discontinues their other set lines, it is usually a couple of years before they finally delete the site to make room for another theme. Well, the closure of the Creation Lab may just mean the closure of the LEGO Universe website also.

To read the entire LEGO Message Boards article, click below:


Goodbye Professor Brickkeeper! We will always remember you in our hearts…

Brickkeeper goodbye

LEGO Universe Creation Lab Archiver

Fortunately, if you want to save your creations on the creation lab, Hobino and le717 have written a little tool to help you! The LUCA (LEGO Universe Creation Lab Archiver) is a simple tool, that you download your your Windows or Linux computer (for Mac Users, you can try to run the program with WineBottler or another Windows program emulator) and run the program. All you have to do is enter your LEGO ID Username (the one you sign in with on LEGO.com) and press Enter.

LUCA will automatically save your creations to a folder with your username in the same place as the LUCA program. When you open the folder, there will be a sub-folder for each of your creations. Once you open one, you will immediately notice the pictures, videos, and LEGO Digital Designer files from your creations, with the addition of a few .HTML files. The .HTML files contain the description, images, tags, and link to your original creation.

LUCA Tutorial


  • This program will not save comments on creations. You will have to do that manually if you want them.
  • AVI and MOV file extensions may be mixed up occasionally because of different movie codecs. If you cannot play a file, try renaming it’s extension or playing the file in a software like VLC Media Player which does not rely on the file extension.
  • If you have periods in your username, unfortunately, you will be unable to download your files. Due the the Creation Lab’s own search function limitations, LUCA cannot search the username. We are very sorry about this.


Here is the download link. This link goes to GitHub.com. If you cannot download it, you may have internet restrictions, or the download link might be bad. If you cannot access it, please comment and I will provide an alternate link for you. 🙂

Update 3: Version 1.03 is not much different, except for speed improvements. If you open LUCA in command line with <code>–date</code> to add a timestamp of when the creation was uploaded in the folder name. This makes it easier to keep up with your creations.

Direct Link     |     Release Page

brickkeeperThe Direct link will let you download a .ZIP of the LUCA program. You can also visit the release page on le717‘s repository (because he made extra changes to the program under Hobino’s supervision. 😉 )

Enjoy it while it lasts!


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6 thoughts on “[Ux3] Creation Lab Retiring (And How to Save Your Creations!)

  1. Oh come on! They close LU (which was WAY to much) now they are closing the Creation Lab? Really? Wasn’t closing LU good enough? We had enough torture!

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