Great LEGO Videogame Moments

Soon the year is going to end, and for many of us Lego fans it reminds us of the end of LU. Instead of being sad, Let’s think about all the Great Moments we had playing both LU and Other Lego games.

I encourage you to share your Great Lego Videogame Moments in the Comments below. Let’s not end the year on a sad note.

First, the Writers of this blog will share some of ours (Me & Rioforce this time). Then in the Comments you guys can share yours! Everything from your Longest Survival in Advant Gardens (LU), to finishing an Online LEGO game. Other Examples would be the moments the contributing writers share.


NENEN’s Moments:

I would like to share two (maybe three) different moments.

My First is a LEGO Island 2 moment.

A long time ago, when I was around 8, my father told me that he thought I was too old to play LEGO island 2 (because of the ‘suggested age’ on the box.) Me and my younger brother of course disagreed, and we challenged him to play it. Specifically the part where you have to fly an airplane and shoot bananas at the monkeys and get to the end before time runs out (We were stuck in that part.)

not my screenshot :(

not my screenshot 😦

Our father tried it, and failed. Several times I think (Not getting past). He exclaimed with surprise to us that, “This game is hard!” So much for me being too old!

My Second is the first time a played LU.

For multiple reasons, we never got to play in the Beta test of LEGO universe (even though we were accepted.) So we had to wait until it became Free-2-Play. When our parents let us install LU on the family computer. We were so happy! I went first, Made my character (UltraSpaceGadget) and played for a while… That was one great Sunday.


RIOFORCE’s Moments:

Some of my favorite moments in a LEGO videogame occurred in LEGO Universe Beta. I was all into the out-of-bounds fascination that was going on at the time, even leading a group of players out of bounds to play. One of my favorite out-of-bounds areas was Nimbus Station. Getting out of bounds near the Forbidden Valley launchpad, I ventured around shark-infested landmasses and behind the Nexus Gate at Race Place. Wearing my cowboy hat and holding a key, I trolled in-bounds users saying that I was a GM and held the key to the Nexus Gate. Of course, I wasn’t, so I justified myself of the lie by making up my own acronym for “GM” that applied to me (I forget what it was, unfortunately). Ever since then I loved going Out of Bounds in LEGO Universe, both in Beta and free-to-play. I discovered quite a few holes in LEGO Universe in my time.

A hilarious event happened one day when a bunch of players and I were venturing out of bounds in the Avant Gardens spider cave. We were going around looking at the various cob webs and up at the “Spider Boss” and trading rare items. But immature as I was, I stuck to my “GM” acronym (which had something to do with my “club” of explorers of the unknown). This got me into trouble with the other users, for they were saying I was no GM, but I was insistent that I was. Before long, someone reported me to the mods. I received a big popup on my screen. “Please do not impersonate a GM,” it read. Interestingly enough, the mods didn’t even care that we were breaking the game, they just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t impersonating them!

That “run-in” with the mods made me realize I shouldn’t be impersonating moderators. However, it never stopped me from going out-of-bounds in LEGO Universe. In fact, I did it until the very day that the game closed its doors for good.



Now it’s your Turn guys!

8 thoughts on “Great LEGO Videogame Moments

  1. My most memorable Lego game moment happened I was playing Lego Island 2.
    Me and my bro (Legonenen) got stuck in the biplane level (mentioned in the post). we tried & tried but could not beat it.
    But one fateful day I decided to try the level again. So, I was flew through the canyon, passed through the river into the part with the gorrillas. i dodged their boulders — or tried to anyway.
    & finally with just a few seconds on the clock, I caught sight of the landing strip. And I was like, “this is it! this is it!”. But as I got closer, I ran out of time. so the clock ticked down. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. then the screen blacked out, just as I was reaching the strip, and just as the clock ran out.
    My thoughts went something like this: “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” then I thought. “well at least I almost did it. next time might be my lucky try”.
    then much to my amazement and utter delight, a cut-scene popped up depicting the biplane landing. I think I was so I happy that (after saving) I got up from the computer & ran around the house telling everybody about it. so we gathered around the computer as I got my first look at the Dinosaur part in Adventure Island –which I must say was a huge disappointment.
    Lego Island 2 remains one of my favorite Lego games of all time.

  2. Man, is it that time of year already?!

    Wow, well, I’ll never forget the first time I play lego Star wars the complete saga. I was at my friends house and had never played a video game before. We played the arena in episode 2 and I was hooked forever!

    I also remember playing LU at Lego Kidfest 2010, man was that neat.

    My best memory though was the first time I went dragon hunting in forbidden valley. It was my first experience with dungeons/raiding. I loved the excitement of being half dead and struggling to survive, and the joy of making my first big kill. I guess that’s what turned me in the raider I am today!

  3. Out of bounds in that game was what kept me playing as long as I did. The countless hours I spent on just trying random spots to just to ‘break’ the game. I think the ‘lawlessness’ and the challenge were what made going ‘oob’ so much fun! Oh gosh do I miss that game…

    -Electrobricks (redblueflare) (Prev. editor of LUN)

  4. Reblogged this on A Blog by NENEN and commented:

    Please go and share some of your Great memorable LEGO videogame Moments!
    on a side note, The only time I ever made a screenshot of LU was the Last day. I had gotten into one of those out of bounds areas in the Avant Gardens. I had a jetpack.
    Obviously that’s going to be Memorable!

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