Vanguard Outpost: LEGO Universe’s First World

Some more looking back at LU. . .

The Luprechaun

In 2007, LEGO Universe was in early development. Very little about the game was known to the public at this point, but on December 20, 2007, the website’s progress log was given a brief update:

December 20
BBC Newsround’s Adam was invited to LEGO Universe Command Center in Denmark to try it out with some LEGO fans… Read more on the BBC website.

This BBC article had been posted on December 17, 2007. Just two days shy of a decade ago, as of the time of this writing. As far as I can tell, this is the first time the game itself was described to the public. There’s several interesting things in it, but this is the part I want to focus on:

Then we entered the 3D virtual world. We were allowed to explore a castle in a valley filled with purple fog.

Everything was made from…

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