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What is LEGO Universe News?

LEGO® Universe News! is a blog founded on February 1, 2010 by LegoFan101 (AKA Supersoradude) as a place to post news about The LEGO Group’s first Massively Multiplayer Online Game, LEGO® Universe. Since the closure of LEGO® Universe in 2012, LEGO® Universe News! has been developing a new vision, and now we are a blog for the Universe of LEGO! We promise that only post family-friendly news about and related to LEGO will be posted, no matter what! Our main focus is on LEGO video games, but we will occasionally post about normal LEGO themes too.

What is LEGO Universe News! Forums?

LEGO Universe News! Forums is a place where you and your friends can discuss LEGO products, games, movies, and everything else LEGO! Our focus it to keep you safe. LEGO Universe News! Forums is a family friendly forum for Teen and Adult Fans of LEGO. 🙂

Who is that cool minifig at the top of this page?

Why he’s our Mascot! His name is Click, and he finds all of the LEGO news stories and reports them to us to post here on this blog!

Discuss The News!

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