An Update on the ROBLOX crossroads Ideas Project


First post on subject:

The ROBLOX Crossroads Ideas Project has hit its first Milestone! (1000 supports)
see the Official Comment:

They currently have doubled that number to 2241 Supporters. CM4Sci has thanked ROBLOX for posting and promoting about the project at the Project Update page

Because they got these supports they have an extra 6 months (182 days) until the Deadline for the project.

If you haven’t supported this project yet, Please do so now. Don’t Forget to tell your friends where you learned about it!


ROBLOX Crossroads on LEGO Ideas.

Finally somebody woke up!

Actually This isn’t the Official LEGO ideas project Roblox was supposed to release a while back (See here). This is a Robloxian (Roblox user) who decided on his own to start a project, and Roblox simply backed him up by mentioning it on their blog.


“ROBLOX user 4Sci has recreated one of the most iconic places in ROBLOX as an interactive building set, complete with LEGO Minifig versions of some familiar ROBLOX faces.” Roblox Blog post


CM4Sci (Lego Username) joined the LEGO site 3 years ago and has attempted several projects throughout the time it was possible. This is the most successful with 444 supports at the time I published this article.

The model was built with LEGO Digital Designer and then rendered with Bluerender.

LEGO roblox crossroads

LEGO roblox crossroads2

Play features include:

  • Dual doors that can slide open by turning the knobs inside Thieves’ Den!
  • Catapult the ROBLOXian off the trampoline!
  • Knock the tree over with a hidden lever!
  • Use dynamite to explode Blackrock Castle and reveal the hidden chest with the Battle Sword inside!
  • Launch the Battle Bomb off the blue Tower!
  • Attack from the top of the Thieves’ Den tower!
  • Spawn your ROBLOXian on the white Spawn plates!

The model overall is a fun, giant playset full of fun features. ROBLOX is all about creativity, so, the model could be rebuilt into anything you imagineROBLOX Crossroads project


“Thank you for looking at my project, please check out my other submissions, and don’t forget to support! Let’s see LEGO ROBLOX happen! :)” CM4Sci (Bottom of project description)

Female Minifigure set Will Be Next LEGO Ideas Set

Today, LEGO Ideas announced that the Female Minifigure set by Ellen Kooijman will be the next LEGO Ideas official set.  The set will be renamed to “Research Institute” and is planned to be released in August 2014. No other LEGO Ideas projects from Winter 2014 review will be produced.Female minifigures set image

LEGO Ideas #008: Research Institute

We’re very excited to release Ellen Kooijman’s Female Minifigure set, featuring 3 scientists, now entitled “Research Institute” as our next LEGO Ideas set. This awesome model is an inspiring set that offers a lot for kids as well as adults. The final design, pricing and availability are still being worked out, but it’s on track to be released August 2014, so keep an eye out!

Read the entire blog post here:

You can check out the announcement video here:

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LEGO Cuusoo becomes LEGO Ideas

On May 1st 2014, LEGO Cuusoo changed it’s name (and web address) to LEGO Ideas. The former LEGO Cuusoo beta was a website where LEGO fans could build creations, submit them to the community, and with 10,000 votes, submit it to LEGO to become a real set (after a review, of course). LEGO Ideas is just the same, with a few changes (which, in my opinion, should have bee there since the beginning!):

LEGO Ideas Site

  • Users over 13 years old can now submit projects. Formerly, only people 18 years and older could create projects. Now, anyone 13 and older can create projects. If they get 10,000 votes, minors have to get a written release from their parent or guardian to get it review by LEGO.
  • A 1 year limit has been set on projects. That means that if you created a project on May 1st 2014, if it doesn’t get 10,000 votes by May 1st, 2015, it will be removed and you will wave to start over again. This is the theory behind that change: If it’s not cool enough to get 10,000 votes in a year, who’s going to buy it if it becomes a LEGO set?
  • You can now login with your LEGO ID (instead of creating a new account). This unifies the entire site because since it doesn’t rely on the website anymore, you will not need a separate account. LEGO Ideas has an account transfer so if you already have a LEGO Cuusoo account, you can merge it into your existing LEGO ID, or create a new LEGO ID for it.
  • New “Updates” button on projects. This makes it easier for people to know what you’re doing or how you built it. It allows you to create “blog posts” about your project.

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LEGO CUUSOO – Doctor Who and Big Bang Theory Projects Reach 10,000


Just less than a month ago LEGO announced that Doctor Who projects would be again accepted on CUUSOO. Many fan-made projects started popping up shortly afterward, and one has already reached 10,000 supporters and is now under LEGO’s review.

There is a poll for what mini figures will be included in the set, which you can find in the link below. The possible minifigures in the set (if it is to pass LEGO’s review) are Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness, Doctor Donna Noble, Amy Pond, River Song, Clara Oswald, 4th Doctor – Tom Baker, 9th Doctor – Christopher Eccleston, 10th Doctor – David Tennant, 11th Doctor – Matt Smith, 12th Doctor – Peter Capaldi, Cyberman, and a Weeping Angel. For the official information, visit

The project would also include the Tardis and the Tardis command console.

If this project were to become an official set, I think we could look forward to some interesting hair pieces and mini figure accessories, such as the sonic screwdriver. If you’re interested in voting for the mini figures you want included in the set, visit the project page on CUUSOO!


Another CUUSOO project has reached the 10,000 supporter mark, and again is based off a popular TV series. This time, we have the Big Bang Theory. This set includes the show’s main characters – Howard, Bernadette, Amy, Sheldon with Green Lantern, Leonard, Penny and Rajesh, and the main build is Sheldon’s living room. The concept project by Alatariel includes lots of fun scientific looking elements and details. This project hit the review stage in just under a month after being posted like the Doctor Who project. Check out this project on CUUSOO by clicking the following link –

The first deadline for reviewing projects is May 5th. So far, The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, LEGO Birds, and the Modular Apple Store are all in line for the next spot as an official LEGO set. Tell us what project you want made into a set!

Cuusoo Now Accepting Doctor Who Projects


Many people have submitted projects on the now 50-year-old sci-fi TV series, but up until now were denied due to licensing conflicts. Yesterday (February 25th) afternoon, LEGO announced that they will now be accepting Doctor Who projects that reach 10,000 supporters. LEGO says, “If your project was previously turned down, archived, or deleted due to a licensing conflict that is now resolved, you may re-submit it as a new project. Supporters from past projects cannot be applied to a future project.” Since Doctor Who has such a large following, I believe we can expect to see a project for it reaching 10,000 supporters in the near future.

Just as an update, there are currently two projects that reached 10,000 supporters somewhat recently and are under review: these are the LEGO Bird Project, and the Modular Apple Store. I’ll keep you posted on whether or not LEGO decides to turn these popular, fan-made creations into LEGO sets!

CUUSOO – Updated Guidelines, House Rules, and Terms of Service

LEGO® CUUSOO, the popular site where anyone can submit a set with the chance of it becoming an actual set, the same people who brought us the wildly popular Minecraft and Back To The Future sets, updated their Guidelines, House Rules, and Terms of Service yesterday, effectively immediately. Citing things they have learned in their two year lifespan and LEGO Review periods, they believe these changes will help “focus the contents of your projects toward what we’re able to commercialize through LEGO CUUSOO.”, and “make review decisions more quickly, which means new CUUSOO sets will get into your hands sooner.” The highlights of the changes made are as follows (you can read the original post on the Official LEGO CUUSOO Blog).

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