LEGO Universe Free to Play is NOW AVAILABLE!

UPDATE: Experiencing problems? Try these direct download links!
LEGO Universe for Mac OS X
LEGO Universe for PC

Great news, fellow explorers!

The Free Trial for LEGO Universe is now available! Mac or PC, young or old, rich or not-so-rich, ANYONE can download the game and give it a whirl in the first two zones of the Universe, which – by the way – were expanded to keep things interesting!



1. Click here to download LEGO Universe.
2. Once the game is downloaded, it should be available on your Desktop, or in the area you specified. Open the installer and follow the steps to install the game.
3. Once the game is finished installing, you should see a shortcut to LEGO Universe either on your Desktop or within your Applications folder. Double click it to start the program.
4. The program that appears is known as the Patcher. It will start downloading the contents of the game, but in the meantime you’ll want to activate the game!
โ€ข If you already have a account, simply enter your account details into the Username and Password fields within the window and click activate. Once you have done that, you’re all set โ€“ just allow the game to complete the download process and you’ll be blasting off to the Universe in no time!
โ€ข If you DON’T have a account, don’t worry! Making a new account couldn’t be easier, and can be done directly from within the Patcher! If you wish to make a new account, simply click the button that says “Sign Up” and you will be taken to a signup page. Simply enter the Username and Password you wish to use, as well as your birthday (don’t worry, if your parents don’t allow you to enter your real one, you can discuss with them about using a not-so-real one ;)). Once you have entered all of this, you will see a button that says “Confirm Birthday” โ€“ simply click this and you will be taken to the next step in the process. All that is required at this point is your email (if you don’t want to use your real one, you can create one here if you have your parents’ permission) and your acceptance of the Terms of Service. Once you have done this, all that’s left is to click “Activate”, and you’re “in like Flynn”, as they say. ๐Ÿ˜›

5. Enjoy the game! Once you have done all this and once the game has finished downloading, you are ready to enter the Universe! Please note that without a paid membership, you will only have access to The Venture Explorer โ€“ which you can only visit once, so make the most of it! โ€“ and Avant Gardens. You will also be restricted in a few other areas, such as chatting and a 10,000 coin limit. But don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll still have a blast โ€“ you’ll have a lot more than I did when Beta hit day one!

Free to Play accounts are NOT allowed to receive or use the Beta Tester shirt. Only paid members can obtain the item. In addition, Customer Support does NOT provide item-related support for Free Trial players.


If you want to experience the entire Universe, you can buy a membership over at โ€“ it only costs $10/mo!* Alternatively, however, you can enter my Free Trial Celebration Contest for the chance to win a FREE month of all-access membership! (Please ask your parents for permission before entering!)

See you in the Universe, explorers!


*Price differs from country to country, and may or may not be available in all countries. 6-Month and 12-Month memberships are also available at varying prices. Purchase of a subscription will automatically draft your credit or debit card each month โ€“ if you want to buy only month alone, you must purchase a game card! For full details and information, click here (Game Cards) or click here (Subscription)!


Free Trial Release Date Officially Announced!

Well, unless you didn’t see my post revealing that the Free Trial was on its way, we’ve known this day was coming for a while now.

And now, the wait is finally (well, almost finally) over – a time-unlimited, FREE version of LEGO Universe has been announced for release this August!

While the trial isn’t feature unlimited – you cannot visit worlds outside of The Venture Explorer, Avant Gardens, Block Yard; you cannot chat (at least, not by the sounds of the original article); along with other things – it IS time unlimited. You will be able to meet up with friends and engage in basic battle from Avant Gardens. It sounds like the trial will serve as a taste of the Universe.

The entire details will likely be released closer to August, but here is what was stated in the original post over at the official LEGO Universe News Network:

“Coming this August a free-to-play version of LEGO Universe will be available for download from! This new, Free-to-Play version of the game will make the game more accessible to new players. Free players will be able to create a character, explore two zones, and build on their own property โ€“giving them a taste of the LEGO Universe experience.

New players will start in the Venture Explorer and travel to Avant Gardens, learning essential skills which will help them throughout the game. New players will also have access to their own private property to build on, and will be able to explore all of the other Avant Garden player properties. There is no time limit on the free trial; free players will be able experience LEGO Universe at their own pace.

To experience the rest of LEGO Universe by exploring all of the adventure zones (such as Crux Prime) and experience new expansions (like the major Ninjago content coming later this year), free players must become full members. Full membership will also provide additional benefits such as the ability to trade, chat and participate in exclusive weekly contests.

Current players will have move opportunities to show off their amazing Avant Gardens properties, cool advanced gear, and expect battling skills. We hope that the addition of Free-to-Play will give current players more chances to adventure with new friends than ever before!”

This sounds great to me, what do you think? If nothing else, it means that now players can download LU for free – no need to pay for the game anymore! – and can simply use a gamecard or subscription code to explore the entire Universe. In other words, any membership contest(s) held after the Free Trial release will unlock the entire game, not just an extra month. Pretty cool huh? ๐Ÿ™‚

See you in the Universe!


LEGO Universe Free Trial – What you Need to Know!

UPDATE: The release month for the free trial and an extra detail or two has officially been announced!
Now before I mention this, I would like to say that despite the fact that I found an image for the free trial, a trial could still be a ways off.

Hey guys!

A lot of you have been wondering about a free LU trial, and you’ve probably been told (unofficially) that there won’t be one.

Well, I’m here to clear up the speculation – believe it or not, a free trial has been OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED.

Don’t remember hearing about it?

Trust me, I read from Figmentia herself on at least two instances at the LMB’s. She stated that one is currently being worked on, both during Beta and after launch. I know another official announced one under testing, but I can’t recall who it was…

After that, I actually found an image that displays after you finish the trial.

(UPDATE: I have removed this image to abide by the ToS. To visitors, I apologize for the inconvenience. To LEGO… for some reason I missed that part. Sorry. :P)

The image even displays some of the trial’s limitations.

Now no official release date has been announced, so we could be looking at several months before its release. Still, with this image, it looks like we’re getting closer. ๐Ÿ˜›

All for now…